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  • His government was also perceived to have grown too close to business interests.
  • At the time, young girls perceived that marriage was their end goal.
  • I do so to get in what they perceive to be their territory.
  • The latter is the view that humans will always act according to their perceived best interest.
  • He left after perceiving that none of his works would be produced there.
  • The company was perceived to own and control all aspects of the trade.
  • The number of times the songs are played can influence the perceived popularity of a song.
  • The center of the city is generally perceived to have a "small-town-feel."
  • As the latter perceives him he points with his arm to the east. Cited from The Delight Makers, by Adolf Bandelier
  • She has stated on occasion that she perceives herself as neither male nor female.
  • We think we have an idea, and it changes form without our perceiving it. Cited from The Mind and the Brain, by Alfred Binet
  • So long as a man perceives himself to be anything, he is nothing. Cited from Christian Mysticism, by William Ralph Inge
  • The game has been perceived very positively in the years following its initial release.
  • Reputation is also how others know and perceive you as an individual.
  • The research could also lead to changes in how people understand and perceive sex differences.
  • Various factors influence the perceived value or market value of a domain name.
  • Each young country saw its self-perceived victory as an important foundation of its growing nationhood.
  • Thus, the individual does not perceive it as his or her responsibility to take action.
  • How could they have done so without my perceiving it? Cited from Essay on the Influence of Tobacco upon Life and Health, by R. D. Mussey
  • These two orders ultimately shape the way we come to perceive reality.
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Meaning of perceive

  • verb To become aware of through the senses
    I could perceive the ship coming over the horizon
  • verb Become conscious of
    She finally perceived the futility of her protest