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  • The trade was put on hold, pending a second opinion from other medical sources.
  • However, he was released pending an appeal, and he kept his position at the bank.
  • Those with charges still pending against them fear arrest at any time.
  • Several cases have been settled and many others are pending.
  • Plans for an official CD release of his work are still pending.
  • Some twenty-five additional jobs will also become available temporarily for the pending construction work at the site.
  • While the bar lost the court case, it was allowed to remain open as a similar case was pending appeal.
  • Both companies continue to sell their products, pending resolution of the rights dispute.
  • The year was mostly occupied with legislation and work related to the pending war with France.
  • However, he has yet to report to prison pending the outcome of his appeal.
  • The federal portion is still pending and could be rejected if federal funding is not acquired.
  • Any game can be added to a wish list whether it has already been released or it is pending for release in the future.
  • The officer involved had been suspended pending an investigation into their actions.
  • Originally intended as a temporary facility, the tent has continued to be used pending other development.
  • She stood down from the shadow ministry pending her trial.
  • May's stock was held in trust pending the outcome of his trial.
  • He was released on bail pending appeal and kept his position at the bank.
  • Since spring 2006, it has been possible to visit, pending a decision about its future use.
  • Two days earlier, a quarter million in Montreal marched against the pending war.
  • On both occasions he had been rejected because of the pending criminal charges that had been laid against him.
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