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  • He told them to all stay in the church for three days for a penance.
  • Once their penance is complete, they will be allowed to go back to heaven again.
  • Here also he founded the first home for fallen women who wished to do penance.
  • And only after a series of penance, he was allowed to continue in his post.
  • Henry did penance in the snow outside the castle for three days.
  • He broke her penance and asked her the reason behind the prayer.
  • Finally, he convinced her to leave, and she returned with him doing penance the whole way.
  • Yet he had to struggle again and do enough penance before he could get salvation.
  • Upon her release, she took up the practice of extreme penance.
  • In the end, it was agreed to allow them in after a period of penance.
  • He was ordered to do public penance in his church.
  • In some cases the young woman went through a grotesque act of penance.
  • Louise was also very religious and she led a religious penance for herself near the end of her life.
  • While a body must decay, the body of the saved soul already did his penance.
  • After a period of penance, he set out roaming about the country to serve the common people.
  • She shall not receive communion during this penance unless she becomes ill.
  • Anyone who did not pay their tithe would not be granted penance until they did.
  • Devas asked where that place is where they should do the penance.
  • After his sermon on penance, many people desired to leave all and to follow his way of life.
  • The force of his penance was so great that his body reached Kailasa.
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Meaning of penance

  • noun A catholic sacrament; repentance and confession and atonement and absolution
  • noun Voluntary self-punishment in order to atone for some wrongdoing