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  • He was also noted for playing mind games before opposition players took a penalty.
  • The penalty was to be carried out at the beginning of play the next day.
  • Three players for each team in turn take a penalty shot.
  • The charge carried a penalty of up to two years in prison.
  • This death penalty was also set for conduct that placed another in danger of death.
  • The party in its turn declared that it was opposed to the death penalty.
  • In recent years, the penalty corner has gained importance as a goal scoring opportunity.
  • They also made the sale of any arms to any Indian subject to the death penalty.
  • Powerful electronic management systems mean that there is no significant cost penalty.
  • Disney could also kill the film at any time with only a small penalty.
  • No more goals were scored, and so it was time for a penalty shoot-out.
  • The death penalty is the biggest blow against human rights and the right to live.
  • The player must move to the penalty area without impacting the natural game play.
  • Despite the wide use of the death penalty, calls for reform were not unknown.
  • She also voted against the death penalty and in favor of gun control measures.
  • Police law was passed which lay down the death penalty for use of seditious language.
  • A match penalty is indicated through the use of a red card.
  • The US planned to seek the death penalty in his case.
  • However, the death penalty under federal law is applicable in every state.
  • No further goals in extra time resulted in a penalty shoot-out.
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Meaning of penalty

  • noun A payment required for not fulfilling a contract
  • noun The disadvantage or painful consequences of an action or condition
    neglected his health and paid the penalty
  • noun (games) a handicap or disadvantage that is imposed on a competitor (or a team) for an infraction of the rules of the game