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  • After another twelve-month, he felt it his further duty to penalise all who had submitted to the illegal authority. Cited from England Under the Tudors, by Arthur D. Innes
  • He did not want to penalise people who lived in rural areas, where there was no public transport as an alternative to private vehicles.
  • This is the first FAA attempt to penalise a non-commercial flight.
  • The department also has the right to penalise violators of fire safety norms.
  • A person is legally responsible for an event when a legal system is liable to penalise that person for that event.
  • In response, the league progressively introduced a range of new interpretations giving it the power to penalise players for similar actions.
  • Although some subjects filed lawsuits against him, the legal system of the time made it difficult for them to force the courts to penalise him.
  • You will never find expert players, who appreciate what I may call the geometry of the court, penalise themselves in this manner. Cited from Lawn Tennis for Ladies, by Mrs. Lambert Chambers
  • A court may also make an attorney-and-client order to penalise a party which the court believes has acted improperly.
  • Consumer groups fear it will penalise poorer families with lots of children, and the disabled, who use more water.
  • When prevention has been properly taught, then it is fair to penalise those who wilfully neglect to take precautions. Cited from Safe Marriage, by Ettie A. Rout
  • Many different layouts would penalise a player more than the current setup; however, the current setup actually does the job rather efficiently.
  • The aim is to penalise a feature's relevancy by its redundancy in the presence of the other selected features.
  • John Dayal has spoken out against bills that prevent or penalise conversion to Christianity passed in various states in India.
  • It was considered that criminal law should not penalise homosexual men, already the object of ridicule and derision.
  • In the previous version of the law, the tackled player's head or shoulders had to hit the ground first for a referee to penalise them.
  • The idea is to penalise features that have high costs, although the utility of doing so decreases as the feature is penalised more and more often.
  • In this case, stopping the game for the free kick would penalise the team that earns the free kick, hence advantage is paid.
  • It has a discretion to decide on one of the other steps mentioned below, and in addition to penalise the applicant with a costs order.
  • Special care should be taken that taxation is so adjusted as not to penalise parenthood in the socially valuable middle class. Cited from Outspoken Essays, by William Ralph Inge
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