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  • During the season, Peltier had a spell in the side playing out of position at left back.
  • Of the four men who remained, only Peltier was strong enough to stand and greet them.
  • Peltier's parents divorced when he was four years old.
  • The Peltier coefficients represent how much heat is carried per unit charge.
  • There are no moving parts, so a Peltier plate is maintenance free.
  • Louis Peltier, one of the principal guides, and a man of importance therefore, now stood forward. Cited from The Young Fur Traders, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • Some of the junctions lose heat due to the Peltier effect, while others gain heat.
  • They also are fighting for the freedom of Leonard Peltier as well as other political prisoners.
  • If a current is driven through this gradient then a continuous version of the Peltier effect will occur.
  • Peltier discovered the calorific effect of electric current passing through the junction of two different metals.
  • With some loss of resolution, the much more convenient Peltier cooling can be employed.
  • The video ends with a picture of Peltier in prison and the phrase "justice has not been done".
  • Peltier had argued that Napoleon should be killed at a time when Britain and France were at peace.
  • On the 29th Peltier felt his pains more severe and could only cut a few pieces of wood. Cited from The Journey to the Polar Sea, by John Franklin
  • Peltier however soon recovered himself enough to express his delight at their safe arrival and his regret that their companions were not with them. Cited from The Journey to the Polar Sea, by John Franklin
  • Leonard Peltier provided numerous alibis, to different people, about his activities on the morning of the attacks.
  • The area was originally called Point-a-Peltier.
  • Peltier later saw the band playing at a party, and once he joined, the band's name was changed to the Quakes.
  • Peltier's conviction sparked great controversy and has drawn criticism from a number of sources.
  • To describe the Peltier and Thomson effects we must consider the flow of energy.
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