peer counseling

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  • Over the years, it became a general peer-counseling center.
  • Cornell offers a variety of professional and peer counseling services to students.
  • Others may offer Bible study sessions and peer counseling for women who have recently had abortions.
  • These Senior Peer Counseling programs vary widely in their methods, and no one program is alike.
  • The IFS method has been taught in classes on self-therapy and peer counseling for the general public.
  • She had become an activist herself and a successful advocate for peer counseling and peer support programs.
  • Senior peer counseling programs, therefore, may provide a more comfortable and supportive environment for the client.
  • As her junior year begins, Angela becomes more involved with the community, taking up such activities as peer counseling and candy striping.
  • Peer counseling and support programs have been shown to have a positive effect on exclusive breastfeeding rates in rural Bangladesh.
  • Rural Outreach services are available in rural areas that include safety planning, peer counseling, community education, emergency shelter transportation and legal advocacy.
  • Counseling programs include resilience, life skills building and peer counseling.
  • Free Weekend Peer Counseling also been arranged for those who seek counseling based on sexuality and gender identity issues.
  • He was also a presenter of workshops at secondary school conferences on religious education, peer counseling, and adolescent counseling.
  • However, they all operate in the spirit of Evelyn Freeman's vision of Senior Peer Counseling.
  • Instead of allowing doctors to define them, these people espouse "mad pride" and create online communities where peer counseling replaces institutionalization.
  • She is most well known for her research "on early adolescence, pioneering work on peer counseling, and studies of diabetic children and adolescents.".
  • In 1976, during an intern at University of Pennsylvania, he founded a peer counseling service for gay and lesbian people.
  • Proudly HIV-negative, he became good at peer counseling and promoted safety, carrying a pocketful of condoms and offering them to drug dealers.
  • Peer counseling has also been effective at increasing breastfeeding initiation rates and breastfeeding rates up to three months after birth in Hispanic populations in the United States.
  • Ed was the Director and founder of the Boston Police Stress Program, the first peer-counseling program in the world for law enforcement officers and their families under stress.
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