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  • Above them rose an arc of pearly light which grew higher every hour. Cited from A Columbus of Space, by Garrett P. Serviss
  • She became a pearly copy of themselves in all but her hair. Cited from The Forest Lovers, by Maurice Hewlett
  • She felt like a child out of school, free of everyone, her own for the pearly hours of morning. Cited from Gone to Earth, by Mary Webb
  • Her pearly teeth closed upon her under lip until the blood started. Cited from Mohun, or, The Last Days of Lee, John Esten Cooke
  • I am said to have a clear, pearly touch, with quite sufficient power at my command for large works. Cited from Piano Mastery, by Harriette Brower
  • O golden, pearly days, come back to me again! Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 10, No. 57, Jul, 1862
  • Above the ships held a range of pearly clouds, out of which indeed one might make strange lands and forms. Cited from 1492, by Mary Johnston
  • Also, small pearly spots are found along the side of the fish.
  • The pearlies are now divided into several active groups.
  • They were both looking now at a small dark point vanishing into a pearly cloud. Cited from In Apple-Blossom Time, by Clara Louise Burnham
  • The girl remained silent; only a few pearly tears rolled down her cheeks. Cited from Dyke Darrel, by Frank Pinkerton
  • The light about us was clear and pearly, about the intensity of the moon at full. Cited from The Metal Monster, by A. Merritt
  • From the top God Father sent down the pearly dove through the blue. Cited from The Collectors, by Frank Jewett Mather, Jr.
  • Peter is marked for death when he decides to leave Pearly's gang.
  • When shall these eyes thy heaven-built walls And pearly gates behold? Cited from Hymns for Christian Devotion, by J.G. Adams and E.H. Chapin
  • His pidgin-French made her show her little pearly teeth in a smile. Cited from Three Soldiers, by John Dos Passos
  • Her grey eyes and pearly teeth lit up her whole face. Cited from A Love Episode, by Emile Zola
  • I think the mountains look most beautiful quite early, at sunrise, when they are all pearly and mysterious. Cited from An Englishwoman's Love-Letters, by Anonymous
  • Her silhouette has pearly-gray sky behind it, so that she seems to support the darkness. Cited from Light, by Henri Barbusse [Tr.: Fitzwater Wray]
  • His face was black as ebony while his teeth were pearly white. Cited from Boy Scouts in Southern Waters, by G. Harvey Ralphson
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