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  • Because of their length, short stories may or may not follow this pattern.
  • This can either be used on its own or alongside a written pattern.
  • They are held once every two years, although this pattern has twice been interrupted.
  • Certain patterns of collection are common among people who have lived through poverty or war.
  • This early form of the music set the pattern for later musicians.
  • There are through trains between all these points, with different patterns at different times of the day.
  • In this battle Charles set a pattern for the remainder of his military career.
  • Finally, each solution is associated directly with one or more design patterns.
  • These were in the form of a large watch and another of a smaller size but of similar pattern.
  • He also reported a pattern to the course and outcome of these conditions.
  • These were part of a pattern that developed in many regions across Europe at about the same time.
  • There were also areas where the pattern was a mix of two or more of those systems.
  • This distribution pattern has isolated some species, while keeping others in close contact.
  • This four-year pattern, however, must not be followed by Church members in their personal and family study.
  • A similar, but less pronounced pattern has been seen in major European countries as well.
  • Standard traffic patterns are left-handed, meaning all turns are made to the left.
  • This pattern of good starts followed by a poor second half would be repeated over the next three seasons.
  • The stress pattern is usually counted as one-two-three-one-two-one-two-three.
  • This result changed the pattern of operations on the Eastern Front.
  • The same patterns are also evident in many other western countries.
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Meaning of pattern

  • noun A model considered worthy of imitation
    the American constitution has provided a pattern for many republics
  • verb Form a pattern
    These sentences pattern like the ones we studied before