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  • The song is one of the most popular of the many American patriotic songs.
  • Since that time, it has become an extremely popular and well-known American patriotic song.
  • George is brought up to be a proper and patriotic member of English society.
  • She felt that it was her duty to serve her country and it was truly patriotic.
  • He wrote the words in a fit of patriotic excitement after a public dinner.
  • His fame is only that of a man of a noble and patriotic heart.
  • But it was also pure patriotic joy that my country at such a time should have found such a leader.
  • TV and radio stations broadcast special programs and patriotic songs.
  • Five patriotic songs were first performed during this festival.
  • This City hosts this patriotic event every year on these dates to over a thousand people.
  • Town officials feel the monument to have historic and patriotic significant to local residents.
  • His book, with its patriotic subject, was very popular.
  • In the early Republic period, patriotic works were very successful.
  • It was then when he developed his patriotic feelings.
  • During the time of the German Empire it did become one of the more frequently printed patriotic songs.
  • Duke's mascot origin is considered to be military and patriotic rather than anti-religious.
  • Other groups, like the Patriotic Action Groups, carried out the military part of the resistance.
  • She quickly became well known for her singing of patriotic Algerian songs.
  • As a direct result of this new liberalization, many patriotic songs were composed during this time.
  • In fact, the song is still known in Poland, where it was taught as a patriotic song.
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  • adjective Inspired by love for your country