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  • Perhaps no one ever did single him out as a being patently of the greater world. Cited from Merton of the Movies, by Harry Leon Wilson
  • I never saw a man more patently in the right trade. Cited from In the South Seas, by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • But these children were patently very far from well-to-do. Cited from True Tilda, by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch [AKA: "Q"]
  • On the contrary, she had been so patently content, so filled with peace. Cited from Burning Daylight, by Jack London
  • It is difficult to imagine how cause and effect could be more closely and patently related. Cited from Penrod and Sam by Booth Tarkington
  • By nine o'clock we were all seated in the study, waiting patently for our man. Cited from The Adv. Of The Bruce-Partington Plans
  • The idea of a successful struggle was so patently impossible that I believe it never entered our minds. Cited from Under the Andes, by Rex Stout
  • As he withdrew them, one hand held his battered but patently solid gold watch. Cited from Black Caesar's Clan, by Albert Payson Terhune
  • The girl was so patently fit for better things! Cited from Jason, by Justus Miles Forman
  • On land the man who feels with his hands is patently blind. Cited from The Light That Failed, by Rudyard Kipling
  • Almost every person, if you will believe himself, holds a quite different theory of life from the one on which he is patently acting. Cited from Virginibus Puerisque, by Robert L. Stevenson
  • I want to be what you patently are, an American. Cited from The Drums Of Jeopardy, by Harold MacGrath
  • That, I believe, works most patently for the growing misery I speak of. Cited from Demos, by George Gissing
  • For what confidence could have been placed in statesmen who were so patently unable to make and keep their minds? Cited from Woodrow Wilson and the World War, by Charles Seymour
  • Now that he was discovered it seemed incredible that he could have followed so patently foolish a course. Cited from The Night Horseman, by Max Brand
  • Patently it was difficult to become interested in such a young woman; actually she monopolized their thoughts. Cited from Thoroughbreds, by W. A. Fraser
  • Rachel, however, tells him that she does not mind their relationship in its patently dysfunctional state.
  • She may be patently ill, yet she will say not a word to you about it, for fear of distressing you. Cited from Youth, by Leo Tolstoy/Tolstoi
  • They will claim it even where the facts most patently pronounce its folly. Cited from Varieties of Religious Experience, by Wm. James
  • Dutch is patently less well represented than French in the allophone population.
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