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  • I got off my horse and went up to him, and patted my old friend. Cited from Death Valley in '49, by William Lewis Manly
  • Pat worked very hard to make the best team he could.
  • He just held the door open and patted us on the back as we went through. Cited from On With Torchy, by Sewell Ford
  • They patted him on the back and told him he did right. Cited from The Emperor of Portugalia, by Selma Lagerlof
  • He came over and sat beside her on the bed, patting her hand. Cited from Poor, Dear Margaret Kirby, by Kathleen Norris
  • At once the little hand was patting about all over my shoulder without fear. Cited from Black Beauty, Young Folks' Edition, by Anna Sewell
  • Pat did not know she would have a walk-on part in the film until her parents arrived.
  • She patted him on the back and then she left the room. Cited from Everychild, by Louis Dodge
  • It was dark, and he drew her hand through his arm and patted it. Cited from The Vehement Flame, by Margaret Wade Campbell Deland
  • She gave his hand a final little pressure, patted and released it. Cited from Nobody's Man, by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  • As Pat's idea was a good one, we immediately carried it out. Cited from Snow Shoes and Canoes, by William H. G. Kingston
  • He scarcely heard what the boys said; he felt them patting him on the back. Cited from The Young Pitcher, by Zane Grey
  • He put it down, patted its head again with his cold hand, and took up the plan. Cited from Essays in Rebellion, by Henry W. Nevinson
  • I patted him as I passed, and he put his head against my shoulder. Cited from Kings, Queens And Pawns, by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • He patted his son on the shoulder and then took him by the arm. Cited from The Witness For The Defense, by A.E.W. Mason
  • I took the face of one of those dear boys and I patted it. Cited from Your Boys, by Gipsy Smith
  • I went to her side and patted her; but that was not what she wanted. Cited from Lorna Doone, by R. D. Blackmore
  • He came into their midst, and patting them upon their heads easily made them his friends. Cited from Story Hour Readers Book Three, by Coe & Christie
  • He was patting the dog, when the door opened and a man stood looking at him. Cited from Copy-Cat & Other Stories by Mary Wilkins Freeman#2
  • Then she put her cold white fingers on my arm, and patted it a little. Cited from The Fifth Wheel, by Olive Higgins Prouty
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Meaning of Pat

  • noun The sound made by a gentle blow
  • adverb Completely or perfectly
    he has the lesson pat, had the system down pat