partnership agreement

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  • A partnership agreement is the written and legal agreement between business partners.
  • Each time one of the partners retired or died, a new partnership agreement needed to be drawn up.
  • Some of the largest partnerships in the world have no written partnership agreement.
  • They search Robert's clothes and finds the written partnership agreement they all entered into some time ago.
  • Every partnership agreement must provide for and distinctly state the period for which it is to continue. Cited from Business Hints for Men and Women, by A. Calhoun
  • It has therefore established global partnership agreements with a small group of leading universities throughout the world.
  • This difference is divided between the remaining partners on the basis stated in the partnership agreement.
  • By partnership agreement, this can be a long suit, short suit, or help suit game try.
  • Outside of North America, it is normally referred to simply as a partnership agreement.
  • Represented family members in suit against law firm that drafted a partnership agreement which damaged the family business.
  • Upon his death, the remaining partnership agreements between him and his brother were unwound.
  • Besides own branches, Center has partnership agreements with significant number of local research firms.
  • The new partnership agreement required no cash investment and no specific services from the new minority partners.
  • The firm was founded as a handshake among four friends and to this day does not have a written partnership agreement.
  • An official partnership agreement was adopted by these three organizations in March 1999.
  • It can firm up partnership agreements with government and private entities, with national and foreign organizations.
  • It would mark the world's first equity partnership agreement between a music company and a beverage company.
  • Other response structures have been devised along similar lines and partnership agreement is required to establish a preferred scheme.
  • If there are multiple incorporators, they must sign a partnership agreement before incorporating the company.
  • Point count requirements vary and are a matter of partnership agreement.
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