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  • It has been partitioned since then for its use as a post office.
  • However, it no longer included a plan to partition the country into several independent states.
  • People lived at one end and the animals lived at the other with a partition between them.
  • The area under the west gallery has been partitioned to form a separate area.
  • The station offices were also partitioned into three sections, each line having its own facilities.
  • It can be divided into partitions as long as the host device can read them.
  • Subsequently, other towns in the county were formed from partitions of its territory.
  • Specific partitions can then be easily added or dropped to help manage large data sets.
  • Although tall partitions were soon set up, they did little to reduce the noise.
  • The southeast room has been partitioned into several smaller rooms, including a kitchen.
  • He was also so popular in the last period of partitions and between the Wars.
  • The special case may be described as the problem of giving a partition of a perfect power into few like powers.
  • His partition was granted and he bought the land from the native Americans.
  • Following the death of the former, the property was partitioned in three.
  • Elections almost always took place at a time when the issue of partition had been raised in a new crisis.
  • Around that time he became one of the most prominent men of culture in partitioned Poland.
  • The school was originally built as a hospital, but never opened as such, instead being partitioned to become two schools.
  • He is also considered one of the most original Polish writers of the early partitions.
  • The first hard disk has two partitions, the second has only one.
  • Another common use is to partition land into different sections.
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Meaning of partition

  • noun A vertical structure that divides or separates (as a wall divides one room from another)
  • noun (computer science) the part of a hard disk that is dedicated to a particular operating system or application and accessed as a single unit
  • noun (anatomy) a structure that separates areas in an organism
  • verb Divide into parts, pieces, or sections
    The Arab peninsula was partitioned by the British
  • verb Separate or apportion into sections
    partition a room off