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  • He served nine years in prison before he was pardoned and left for California.
  • A few of those who had taken up arms were killed and the rest were pardoned.
  • After this they were pardoned and could take again possession of their lands.
  • The king pardoned her and in every way showed respect for her.
  • Any member can be pardoned for any words that he may have said during a general session.
  • On learning the truth she began a campaign for her uncle to be pardoned.
  • His father pardoned him, where he was forced to become a junior official in the local administration.
  • John is pardoned by the governor and leaves prison a free man.
  • However three out four of those convicted were pardoned within four years.
  • But he returned ten months later when he was pardoned.
  • However, he was pardoned the following year and restored to his title.
  • It was to be his only campaign; he captured the duke, then pardoned and released him.
  • Ten months later, he returned, having been pardoned by the French.
  • Liberty was one of the few to survive more than a year after being pardoned.
  • After one year he was pardoned, and returned to the palace.
  • Two years later he was pardoned and released from prison.
  • The prince asked for the king to be pardoned, and it was so.
  • After the war, he was pardoned and became a brilliant young poet in the royal court.
  • Although he was never arrested, he was never pardoned either.
  • Lincoln heard about the case, pardoned Scott, and returned him to his unit.
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Root form of pardoned is pardon for the verb.

Meaning of pardoned

  • verb Grant a pardon to
    Ford pardoned Nixon, The Thanksgiving turkey was pardoned by the President