Pardon Tillinghast

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  • Info Pardon Tillinghast (1625-1718) was an early settler of Providence, Rhode Island, a public official there, and a pastor of the Baptist Church of Providence. more...
  • Mawney was married twice, both times to daughters of Pardon Tillinghast, Jr., and had eight children.
  • While still in England, Pardon Tillinghast may have served as a soldier under Oliver Cromwell and participated in the battle of Marston Moor.
  • Other notable descendants of Pardon Tillinghast include Nicholas Brown, Jr., for whom Brown University is named, and Stephen Arnold Douglas who engaged Abraham Lincoln in a series of famed debates in 1858 prior to a Senate race, then later lost to him in the 1860 presidential election.
  • Mawney married twice, the first time to Mary Tillinghast, the daughter of Pardon Tillinghast, Jr., and granddaughter of Reverend Pardon Tillinghast who had come from Seven Cliffs, in Sussex, England.