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  • Info A pardon is the forgiveness of a crime and the cancellation of the relevant penalty; it is usually granted by a head of state (such as a monarch or president) or by acts of a parliament or a religious authority. more...
  • William returned and succeeded to the family title having received a royal pardon.
  • She told him that she was willing to pardon him if he married her.
  • Did you ever hear of my pardoning a wrong against my family name and honor? Cited from At the Mercy of Tiberius, by Augusta Evans Wilson
  • I am given to something which a man never pardons in a woman. Cited from My Brilliant Career, by Miles Franklin
  • Friends and family used political influence in an attempt to obtain a pardon.
  • Prior to their death, the prisoners were offered one last chance at pardon.
  • He served nine years in prison before he was pardoned and left for California.
  • A few of those who had taken up arms were killed and the rest were pardoned.
  • After this they were pardoned and could take again possession of their lands.
  • I ask pardon of those to whom I have not done good.
  • The king pardoned her and in every way showed respect for her.
  • But though there were twenty pardons she ought not to go back to him. Cited from John Caldigate, by Anthony Trollope
  • Edward did not care to speak with a man whom he had no thought of pardoning. Cited from The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume VI., by Various
  • Any member can be pardoned for any words that he may have said during a general session.
  • On learning the truth she began a campaign for her uncle to be pardoned.
  • His father pardoned him, where he was forced to become a junior official in the local administration.
  • Although it is not recorded he seems to have obtained a Royal Pardon.
  • He says he cannot die in hope or in happiness, unless she pardons him. Cited from Jane Sinclair; Or, The Fawn Of Springvale, by William Carleton
  • John is pardoned by the governor and leaves prison a free man.
  • However three out four of those convicted were pardoned within four years.
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Meaning of pardon

  • noun A warrant granting release from punishment for an offense
  • verb Grant a pardon to
    Ford pardoned Nixon, The Thanksgiving turkey was pardoned by the President