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  • I never knew the houses so dry and parched as they are now. Cited from The Sign Of The Red Cross, by Evelyn Everett-Green
  • We did not find any surface water; everything wore a dry parched appearance. Cited from Discoveries in Australia, Volume 2, by John Lort Stokes
  • Remember how long I have been in a parched-up land, and answer. Cited from The Personal Life Of David Livingstone, by William Garden Blaikie
  • Beyond three miles the water ceased and the country was dry and parched. Cited from Journals of Australian Explorations, by A C and F T Gregory
  • He saw her lips moving, saw that they were dry and parched. Cited from The Beach of Dreams, by H. De Vere Stacpoole
  • I saw them only when parched with sun and covered with dust. Cited from Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli, Vol. II, by Margaret Fuller Ossoli
  • It was a river, and he must stand parched on the bank for ever and ever. Cited from Tommy and Grizel, by J.M. Barrie
  • I said next, as I saw him pass his dry tongue over his parched lips. Cited from Sail Ho!, by George Manville Fenn
  • His words come to me like rain on the parched ground. Cited from Scenes of Clerical Life, by George Eliot
  • I would not be behind, come what might, though my lips were parched with mental trouble. Cited from A Beleaguered City, by Mrs. Oliphant
  • If these lie near the surface, they will be parched by the heat of the sun. Cited from Draining for Profit: and Draining for Health, by George E. Waring
  • They carried this parched meal with them when they went hunting and when they went to war. Cited from Stories of American Life and Adventure, by Edward Eggleston
  • We found the country across which we rode, very much parched from the want of rain. Cited from Three Expeditions into the Interior of Eastern Australia, by Mitchell
  • His lips were parched, but he still forced himself to speak. Cited from The Street Called Straight, by Basil King
  • Her dry tongue passed over her parched lips, she seemed to be making an effort to speak. Cited from The Missing Link, by Edward Dyson
  • His throat was dry and his lips were parched, he did not know whether he could speak. Cited from The Just and the Unjust, by Vaughan Kester
  • The earth was parched: no rain fell on the dry plants and leaves. Cited from Allegories of Life, by Mrs. J. S. Adams
  • The rest of the year is dry or even parched from May through September.
  • We all kept parched corn all de time and went 'round eating it. Cited from Slave Narratives: Oklahoma Narratives, by Work Projects Administration
  • When he had said over the words as long as his parched throat would let him, he became quiet. Cited from The Lions of the Lord, by Harry Leon Wilson
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Root form of parched is parch for the verb.

Meaning of parched

  • verb Cause to wither or parch from exposure to heat
    The sun parched the earth