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  • Further the railway track and a wide main road run parallelly giving a pleasant look.
  • He started his career in college and parallelly worked as a newspaper correspondent for two years.
  • Apart from this the Engineering team parallelly works in the following areas.
  • Parallelly he supported himself as a commercial artist.
  • Still all the traditional religious processions are required to pass through this way only, in spite of the new roads constructed parallelly.
  • Both projects were parallelly but not linked with each other.
  • The neighbourhood is criss-crossed by parallelly laid streets running along north-south and east-west directions.
  • Parallelly there has been a not-ideologized current of shanty towns around big cities.
  • This statement means that any frame on a curve can be parallelly transported along the curve.
  • Parallelly she taught several years at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zadar.
  • Parallelly, we learn that the jhankrini, reputed as a healer, has her own particular history.
  • He parallelly freelanced under the name of Thomas Henry.
  • There are several topics running parallelly, and one topic spans several camps.
  • His next short Art of Living is a 5-minute short film depicting the life of an individual parallelly with and without a smile.
  • Parallelly, his priest duties were given lower prioritation.
  • Mudibakapur's economy runs on agriculture and people have now also taken up other skills and profession parallelly as the landholdings are decreasing gradually.
  • He took to Kathakali at an early age, but parallelly did his formal education, completing his masters in his mother tongue Malayalam in the process.
  • Parallelly, he multiplied his appearances as a soloist and a conductor.
  • Parallelly, he engaged on politics as a militant for Brazilian's Revolutionary Communist Party against Brazilian military government.
  • Parallelly Megha meets Mohan when he was chasing some girl.
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