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  • Now his spin brought him around to face it, and he saw it was parallelling his course. Cited from Badge of Infamy, by Lester del Rey
  • Another method of parallelling amplifiers is to use current drive.
  • The route goes northward, parallelling US 119 for most of its length.
  • Route 153 then heads northward, intersecting local roads and parallelling the state border.
  • South of Schiphol the dedicated high speed tracks begin, parallelling the existing railway line until Nieuw-Vennep.
  • The skeleton shows a remarkable relative shortening of the legs, thus parallelling many extinct insular deer species.
  • The highway continues, parallelling Route 29 for a distance.
  • The transitway in the area is in a below-grade 'trench' parallelling Scott Street.
  • The two routes were concurrent and headed to the northeast, parallelling the Delaware River.
  • New Hampshire Route 10 is the main north-south highway through Haverhill, parallelling the Connecticut River.
  • The first part of the work begins with a discussion of theological matters, with much of it parallelling the work of Augustine of Hippo.
  • Starting in 1925, however, the railroad's fortunes began to decline due to the construction of hard (paved) roads parallelling the right-of-way.
  • This is achieved by parallelling numerous events happening in 18th-century and 1980s London thus indicating that Dyer and Hawksmoor experience more than only their own time.
  • PA 646 continues on this progression for several miles, parallelling a pipeline running through the Kinzua Valley.
  • Conversely, most European universities now offer master's degrees parallelling or replacing their regular system, so as to offer their students better chances to compete in an international market dominated by the American model.
  • The present division of the oracles results in a total of twelve books of minor prophets -- a number parallelling the sons of Jacob who became the heads of the twelve tribes of Israel.
  • It travels north-northwest from here, roughly parallelling the Kiamichi River, until reaching Clayton and US-271.
  • The FA encourages all clubs to endorse a gay-tolerant position, parallelling similar calls in the 1980s for clubs to support racial tolerance.
  • The road turns east at the terminus of Route 114 and becomes Malone Avenue, parallelling the Union Pacific Railroad tracks.
  • Webster begins in a northward direction, parallelling the Metro-North railroad tracks and Brook Avenue, one of the roads present at the terminus.
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Root form of parallelling is parallel for the verb.

Meaning of parallelling

  • verb Be parallel to
    Their roles are paralleled by ours
  • verb Make or place parallel to something
    They paralleled the ditch to the highway