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  • Sometimes they are used for switching the current to back-up lines or for parallelizing circuits in case of failure.
  • The task of parallelizing TEBD could be achieved in various ways.
  • This relieves domain programmers from the need for parallelizing their own code and leaves them focusing on their domain.
  • A parallelizing FORTRAN compiler can produce high performance for some codes with little manual intervention.
  • Solutions to the path explosion problem generally use either heuristics for path-finding to increase code coverage, or reduce execution time by parallelizing independent paths.
  • These techniques are built-in in some parallelizing compilers but user needs to identify parallelize code and mark the code with special language constructs.
  • Parallelizing row-by-row processing is much more complex than serial processing, which is another reason to make use of non-procedural SQL wherever possible.
  • An additional advantage of the method FEE is the possibility of parallelizing the algorithms based on the FEE.
  • This allows spreading a single virtual disk across many physical disks; such parallelizing of the disk access can deliver improved performance over a non-virtualized system.
  • By parallelizing it, the resultant architecture is shown as follows.
  • Amdahl's Law describes mathematically the speedup one can expect from parallelizing any given otherwise serially performed task on a parallel architecture.
  • On the other hand, if a tool or parallelizing compiler is used to convert a serial program into a parallel one, then it becomes a case of implicitly parallel program.
  • The OPS5 forward chaining process makes it extremely parallelizeable during the matching phase, and several automatic parallelizing compilers were created.
  • However, current parallelizing compilers are not usually capable of bringing out these parallelisms automatically, and it is questionable whether this code would benefit from parallelization in the first place.
  • NetApp, like most storage vendors, increases overall system performance by parallelizing disk writes to many different spindles (disk drives).
  • While PVM will not automatically make a commercial software package run faster, it does provide a powerful set of functions for manually parallelizing an existing source program, or for writing new parallel/distributed programs.
  • In the early 1990s, there was considerable interest in parallelizing connected-component algorithms in image analysis applications, due to the bottleneck of sequentially processing each pixel.
  • A cyclic multi-threading parallelizing compiler tries to split up a loop so that each iteration can be executed on a separate processor concurrently.
  • Her PTRAN team developed new parallelism detection schemes and created the concept of the program dependence graph, the primary structuring method used by most parallelizing compilers.
  • Another application of these transformations is in compiler optimizations of nested-loop code, and in parallelizing compiler techniques.
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Root form of parallelizing is parallelize for the verb.

Meaning of parallelizing

  • verb Place parallel to one another