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  • The speed-up of a program from parallelization is limited by how much of the program can be parallelized.
  • This does not mean that the code cannot be parallelized.
  • This can be especially useful in tasks that can be heavily parallelized.
  • It states that a small portion of the program which cannot be parallelized will limit the overall speed-up available from parallelization.
  • The need is also non-trivial because large amount of legacy code written over the past few decades needs to be reused and parallelized.
  • Its charter goes beyond pretty pictures; the application is an infrastructure for parallelized, general post-processing of extremely massive data sets.
  • The extra overhead that can be associated with using multiple processors can eat into the potential speedup of parallelized code.
  • The basic design is a client-server model, where the server is parallelized.
  • If it were not fast enough, it could be parallelized, by predicting target addresses of target branches.
  • The dance can be parallelized today with the dance Tsifteteli.
  • Chip-multiprocessors however were expected to be heavily used in all areas of computing such as with parallelized consumer applications.
  • They used the common parallelized version of Pollard rho method.
  • When complete, the code is then passed through the SequenceL compiler, which outputs highly parallelized C++ code.
  • The construction has certain inherent flaws, including length-extension and generate-and-paste attacks, and cannot be parallelized.
  • Some loop dependence relations can be parallelized (or vectorized) and some cannot.
  • The tedious and expensive positioning process is not required, enabling the use of parallelized self-assembly techniques.
  • Silica structures are therefore easier to use in highly parallelized designs than beads or resins.
  • One might expect to get an N times speedup when running a program parallelized using OpenMP on a N processor platform.
  • After the execution of the parallelized code, the threads join back into the master thread, which continues onward to the end of the program.
  • In distributed factoring projects, this is the step that is parallelized to a large number of processors.
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Root form of parallelized is parallelize for the verb.

How parallelized gets used

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  • verb Place parallel to one another