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  • Often this task is difficult since the programmer who wants to parallelize the code has not originally written the code under consideration.
  • Some tools parallelize only special form of code like loops.
  • Those loops are not only hard to parallelize, but they also perform horribly.
  • Scale-out, in-memory technology allows smart caching for small or huge datasets using more computers to parallelize the efforts, as needed.
  • The conditional inside this loop makes it difficult to safely parallelize this loop.
  • These techniques are built-in in some parallelizing compilers but user needs to identify parallelize code and mark the code with special language constructs.
  • Sequential languages are notoriously difficult to parallelize in general, so efficient parallel implementations will usually require significant guidance from the user.
  • It is also harder to implement and parallelize compared to a merge sort.
  • Additionally, it is difficult to parallelize the partitioning step efficiently in-place.
  • Similarly there are problems in P that are not known to be either P-complete or NC, but are thought to be difficult to parallelize.
  • Though it had not been the original intent, these new approaches allowed the language to parallelize a large percentage of the operations it performed, transparently to the programmer.
  • Virtual synchrony permits a multi-primary approach in which a group of processes cooperate to parallelize some aspects of request processing.
  • With the image sensor and image processing combined on the same die it is essentially possible to parallelize image processing up to the level where each pixel has its dedicated image processing logic.
  • This need to parallelize applications is partially addressed by tools that analyze code to exploit parallelism.
  • It is clear that this problem is P-complete: if we can parallelize a general simulation of a sequential computer, then we will be able to parallelize any program that runs on that computer.
  • Dependence analysis determines whether or not it is safe to reorder or parallelize statements.
  • A subset of traditional applications are often difficult to parallelize and make use of additional CPU hardware available on the platform, restraining applications to use only one CPU.
  • However, actually most parallel population-based techniques found in the literature utilize some kind of spatial disposition for the individuals, and then parallelize the resulting chunks in a pool of processors.
  • CABAC is also difficult to parallelize and vectorize, so other forms of parallelism (such as spatial region parallelism) may be coupled with its use.
  • This algorithm uses a parallel merge algorithm to not only parallelize the recursive division of the array, but also the merge operation.
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  • verb Place parallel to one another