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  • If the whole problem was parallelizable, we would, of course, expect the speed up to double also.
  • Further, a given problem may accommodate different algorithms, which may be more or less parallelizable.
  • A manifold that does have a global moving frame is called parallelizable.
  • This still requires the developer to know that the loop is parallelizable, but all the other work is done by the library.
  • This is possible globally in a continuous fashion if and only if the manifold is parallelizable.
  • Changing to and between general tetrads is much similar and equally necessary (except for parallelizable manifolds).
  • Both laws assume the parallelizable part is evenly distributed over P processors.
  • More generally, any parallelizable manifold, including any Lie group, has Euler characteristic 0.
  • Thus tangent planes along a curve can be identified using the intrinsic geometry, even when the surface itself is not parallelizable.
  • A global section will exist (by definition) only when M is parallelizable, which implies strong topological restrictions.
  • In general, a manifold is said to be parallelizable if and only if its tangent bundle is trivial.
  • A program solving a large mathematical or engineering problem will typically consist of several parallelizable parts and several non-parallelizable (sequential) parts.
  • A smooth manifold is parallelizable if it admits a smooth global frame.
  • Although many micropolygons are necessary to approximate curved surfaces accurately, they can be processed with simple, parallelizable operations.
  • Algorithms vary significantly in how parallelizable they are, ranging from easily parallelizable to completely unparallelizable.
  • That puts the sequential problem in P. Then, it will be in NC if and only if it is parallelizable.
  • In particular, a noncompact world manifold must be parallelizable.
  • For relatively small values of k, the Viterbi algorithm is universally used as it provides maximum likelihood performance and is highly parallelizable.
  • In this case, the manifold is called parallelizable.
  • Although this process might sound slow, it is very cache-local and highly parallelizable due to the lack of register dependencies and therefore in fact has excellent performance on modern out-of-order execution CPUs.
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