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  • The hill has wide ridge that runs north and south, paralleling the railway lines.
  • The educational works were increased and expanded, paralleling increased government support for music education.
  • They appeared now to be paralleling the course of the river a few hundred yards back from its bank. Cited from The Girl in the Golden Atom, by Raymond King Cummings
  • Many of the men working on this bridge had worked on the older structure paralleling it. Cited from American Adventures, by Julian Street
  • The road runs through town on a southeast course, paralleling a rail line.
  • Far off to their left and far to their right, they saw two shining ships paralleling their course. Cited from Islands of Space, by John W Campbell
  • She was anxious to avoid paralleling any similar work, public or private. Cited from A Hoosier Chronicle, by Meredith Nicholson
  • But suddenly, far off to their left and far to their right, they saw two shining ships paralleling their course! Cited from Islands of Space, by John W Campbell
  • It is about five miles long by one mile across, paralleling the highway on the southwest.
  • A row of houses lines the river bank, at the bottom of hill paralleling the river.
  • These are generally laid out in an east-west direction paralleling the natural contours of the site.
  • Our course was now along a road just behind the trenches and paralleling them, to an anti-aircraft station. Cited from Kings, Queens And Pawns, by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • Most of the western route was built roughly paralleling the Great Northern Railway.
  • Highway 255 continues west shortly before turning due north and paralleling the state line.
  • The highway heads east-southeast from this point, paralleling a rail line.
  • The highway followed Main Street out of town and along a road paralleling the railroad to the present highway.
  • Initially expected to turn west and head out to sea, the storm moved northwest while paralleling the Mexican coast.
  • At this point, the route turns to the west, paralleling the North Canadian.
  • Now paralleling US 20, passing a large industrial plant near some railroad tracks.
  • The railway continued out the single entrance and connected to the railway system paralleling the front in the rear zones.
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Root form of paralleling is parallel for the verb.

Meaning of paralleling

  • verb Be parallel to
    Their roles are paralleled by ours
  • verb Make or place parallel to something
    They paralleled the ditch to the highway