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  • Her life paralleled much of the early history of the church.
  • Over that time period, there were several exchange rate markets including black market, parallel market and the official market.
  • Much of the informal economy, however, can only access foreign exchange through the parallel market.
  • The road runs through town on a southeast course, paralleling a rail line.
  • Far off to their left and far to their right, they saw two shining ships paralleling their course. Cited from Islands of Space, by John W Campbell
  • There were also parallels in the development of literature and social thought.
  • This story is paralleled by a modern-day murder mystery also based on a true story.
  • A line from and parallel to the net is considered the "attack line".
  • The parallel task in human and animal psychology is often referred to as concept learning.
  • She was anxious to avoid paralleling any similar work, public or private. Cited from A Hoosier Chronicle, by Meredith Nicholson
  • Many writers from ancient times to the present have seen parallels between the family and the forms of the state.
  • Several parallel blades can be operated at the same time by one handle.
  • Now his spin brought him around to face it, and he saw it was parallelling his course. Cited from Badge of Infamy, by Lester del Rey
  • A small defensive effort always paralleled the weapons development and production program.
  • The church growth was paralleled by the general growth of the town.
  • Both feet are parallel, and the right heel is off the ground.
  • She sits with her right leg, almost parallel to the ground, over her left knee.
  • The system turned just offshore and paralleled the eastern coast for several days.
  • Due south the plateau rim is formed by three parallel steps with level ground between them.
  • A centre-line is drawn through the centre spot and parallel with the shortlines.
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Meaning of parallel

  • noun (mathematics) one of a set of parallel geometric figures (parallel lines or planes)
    parallels never meet
  • verb Be parallel to
    Their roles are paralleled by ours
  • verb Make or place parallel to something
    They paralleled the ditch to the highway
  • adjective Being everywhere equidistant and not intersecting
    parallel lines never converge, concentric circles are parallel, dancers in two parallel rows