parallel universes

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  • Most of the story is set in the parallel universe affected by this history.
  • There have been a few series where parallel universes were central to the series itself.
  • Indeed, her origin in the parallel universe is only mentioned once in the eighth series.
  • These heroes live in a parallel universe on a world called Earth-S.
  • After returning to Earth, the parallel universe crew return to their universe.
  • The parallel universe version of Rachel died in child-birth along with her daughter.
  • The game takes place in a parallel universe to the visual novel Fate/stay night.
  • He was however bothered that there was no further information about the parallel universe.
  • If a person is about to travel back in time, he will create his own parallel universe upon arrival in the past.
  • The society is, as stated on the official website "the parallel universe inside your head."
  • Therefore, the events take place in a parallel universe.
  • Throughout his life he moved in parallel universes of arts and sciences.
  • The alternative present will be similar in different degrees to the original present as would be the case with a parallel universe.
  • You know, I might be talking about anything from the streets to parallel universes.
  • The story would involve a parallel universe in which the Roman Empire never fell.
  • However, Davies felt this would raise too many questions about their lives in the parallel universe.
  • William Bell asserted that his parallel universe self was killed in a car accident while a young boy.
  • The better he is able to get it to work the more this parallel universe begins to creep into his own.
  • The Seems is a parallel universe in charge of providing our World with what it needs to keep on going.
  • The basic idea is that a person who dies on one world may survive in another world or parallel universe.
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