parallel computing

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  • They were especially working on problems in advanced computer systems such as parallel computing and image analysis and processing.
  • Several hours per time step is an average sequential run time, therefore, parallel computing is a necessity.
  • They have also been proposed as a network topology in parallel computing.
  • This area of research is known as parallel computing.
  • Furthermore, it provides expertise in parallel computing and computer architecture to other research groups.
  • Her research interests are in computer architecture and systems, parallel computing, and power and reliability-aware systems.
  • The local problems on different subdomains are completely independent of each other, so the method is suitable for parallel computing.
  • All three operating systems were modified for parallel computing.
  • Bit-level parallelism is a form of parallel computing based on increasing processor word size.
  • This term is usually used in the context of super computing and highly parallel computing.
  • A cellular architecture is a type of computer architecture prominent in parallel computing.
  • Parallel computing, on the other hand, uses multiple processing elements simultaneously to solve a problem.
  • Such applications require teraFLOPS of parallel computing performance to process terabytes of data quickly.
  • In particular, he has written books on automata theory and the semantics of parallel computing.
  • There are several different forms of parallel computing: bit-level, instruction level, data, and task parallelism.
  • It was introduced by for use as a network topology in parallel computing.
  • Alliant Computer Systems was a computer company that designed and manufactured parallel computing systems.
  • Another solution to the problem was parallel computing; building a computer out of a number of general purpose CPUs.
  • The expectation was that a software programming model for parallel computing could draw in customers.
  • The result is a high-performance parallel computing cluster from inexpensive personal computer hardware.
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