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  • This proved to be a necessary final step in his education about a paradoxical subject.
  • I did not make the world, and I did not make it paradoxical. Cited from Tremendous Trifles, by G.K. Chesterton
  • Hence, paradoxical as it may seem, the city is older than the country. Cited from In the Catskills, by John Burroughs
  • The meaning of the word paradoxical may indeed be made the subject of argument. Cited from George Bernard Shaw, by Gilbert K. Chesterton
  • There is something highly paradoxical in the modern man's relation to war. Cited from Memories and Studies, by William James
  • No race is so paradoxical, but then France is the genius among nations. Cited from The Living Present, by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
  • I have no doubt that some of you have felt that in certain aspects this character is very paradoxical. Cited from The Concept of Nature, by Alfred North Whitehead
  • A common theme in time travel film is the paradoxical nature of travelling through time.
  • This is, to say the least, a paradoxical position for a language teacher. Cited from Practical Essays, by Alexander Bain
  • You'll find the same paradoxical sentimental relationship in most cases between man and wife. Cited from The Mountebank, by William J. Locke
  • The long struggle for justice thus came to a paradoxical end.
  • He is never really interested in things until he has dis- covered the paradoxical quality in them. Cited from Hermione's Group of Thinkers, by Don Marquis DM#4
  • Never in her life had she seen a man at once so paradoxical and dependable. Cited from Tarzan the Untamed, Edgar R. Burroughs
  • They account for all that is paradoxical in his effect. Cited from Emerson and Other Essays, by John Jay Chapman
  • To many this term will seem paradoxical, but students of the unconscious will understand just what is meant. Cited from A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga, by Yogi Ramacharaka
  • A paradoxical thought -- as if the national God were to cut the ground from under His own feet! Cited from Prolegomena, Julius Wellhausen
  • In fact, it seems paradoxical because it is more elaborate, but it took much less time.
  • This may sound paradoxical, nevertheless I think a little illustration will make it good. Cited from Shakespeare: His Life, Art, And Characters, Volume I, by H. N. Hudson
  • Hence perhaps its paradoxical appearance as an increase of both joy and distress. Cited from The Psychology of Nations, by G.E. Partridge
  • In fact, in this fast-moving and paradoxical story, few people are what they seem to be, even to themselves.
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