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  • Info Parabolic usually refers to something in a shape of a parabola.
  • Who can tell how much of the parabolic element enters into the description? Cited from Expositions/Holy Scripture, Matthew 9-17, Maclaren
  • The type is also called a parabolic cup, and has parallel examples made of glass or silver.
  • We first treat the non-parabolic case, for which there are two distinct fixed points.
  • Comets that are parabolic will never return to their starting point and travel wild. Cited from ABC's of Science, by Charles Oliver
  • The result was effectively one-half of the parabolic designs that would follow.
  • The power required for each motor is much lower than the parabolic trough plant.
  • In that case, the free surface of the water will assume a parabolic shape.
  • The head has a long, narrow parabolic shape from above.
  • It was the first parabolic arch bridge ever built in the United States.
  • Parabolic trough systems provide the best land-use factor of any solar technology.
  • While topped with parabolic windows, the middle section has narrow columns of window.
  • Was not that the meaning and explanation of our Lord's parabolic teaching? Cited from Expositions of Holy Scripture: St. Mark, Maclaren
  • More eyes means better weight and stress distribution throughout the parabolic arc.
  • The vertical parabolic component means that the middle point of the bridge is the highest part.
  • In this case one says that the curve has a parabolic branch.
  • The great parabolic head-light illuminated the track a long way in advance, all behind it being of course in darkness. Cited from Short Story Classics (American), Vol. 2, ed. by William Patten
  • At the time of launch it was the largest parabolic surface launched into orbit.
  • His work eventually led to vast parabolic 'sound mirrors' being constructed from concrete.
  • Such galleries can also be set up using two parabolic dishes.
  • As shown in the right figure, parabolic fit can help find the real peak of the cross correlation function.
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  • adjective Resembling or expressed by parables