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  • Info Pan and panning can have many meanings as listed below in various categories.
  • The deal was widely panned due to the numbers he put up the season before.
  • The two Pan species split only about one million years ago.
  • The front of the house has a door and a single paned window.
  • The front of the house has a door and a single-paned window.
  • He did score one at Columbia Records but it did not pan out.
  • All windows are multi - paned six over six and many have the original old glass.
  • Almost immediately after its first episode, it was panned by many TV critics.
  • Some time after this performance, they read a review in the newspaper which pans their performance.
  • During the mid-1970s Pan Am set two round-the-world records.
  • The camera then pans under the bed where a pair of red eyes open.
  • He stepped to the small, many-paned window and looked out into the night. Cited from Green Fancy, George Barr McCutcheon
  • Hard panned sounds will also only be heard only in one ear rather than from one side.
  • But if it was the same one, it was Peter Pan's light. Cited from Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, by J. M. Barrie 3
  • The film was mostly panned by critics at the time of its release.
  • Remains of Roman sea banks and salt pans can also be seen near the village.
  • His philosophy on why he holds back on panning is because it is an effect.
  • The film was panned by critics, and did below average business at the box office.
  • The film did not do well at the box office and was largely panned by critics.
  • It made few station stops along the way and used track pans to take water at speed.
  • It was panned out and showed the city during day in the background.
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Meaning of pan

  • noun Cooking utensil consisting of a wide metal vessel
  • noun (greek mythology) god of fields and woods and shepherds and flocks; represented as a man with goat's legs and horns and ears; identified with roman sylvanus or faunus
  • noun Shallow container made of metal
  • noun Chimpanzees; more closely related to australopithecus than to other pongids
  • verb Make a sweeping movement
    The camera panned across the room
  • verb Wash dirt in a pan to separate out the precious minerals
  • verb Express a totally negative opinion of
    The critics panned the performance