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  • After a moment she opened them long enough to smile palely at the anxious face of the young man. Cited from The Rules of the Game, by Stewart Edward White
  • Palely she put up both her hands and thrust it aside. Cited from Rebecca Mary, by Annie Hamilton Donnell
  • In the dim light, his face showed palely, and he seemed much agitated. Cited from The Ghost Pirates, by William Hope Hodgson
  • She broke off, smiling palely and quietly at the man beside her. Cited from The Bent Twig, by Dorothy Canfield
  • She said nothing at all, but stood palely at the door with her women as King Richard rode over the bridge. Cited from The Life and Death of Richard Yea-and-Nay, by Maurice Hewlett
  • Through her window she saw the light blinking palely against the blue skies of dawn. Cited from Anne's House of Dreams by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  • So when she saw Laura sit so palely still, she repented her. Cited from Helbeck of Bannisdale, Vol. II, Mrs. Humphry Ward
  • Such blue of sky, so palely fair, Such glow of earth, such lucid air! Cited from Reviews, by Oscar Wilde
  • She looked at me palely, her hands twisting convulsively in and out of each other. Cited from Potterism, A Tragi-Farcical Tract, by Rose Macaulay
  • From the steps of the dark house she looked down at him, her eager face smiling palely in the white, still light. Cited from The Dark House, by I. A. R. Wylie
  • And then she withdrew her eyes and turned them toward the light gleaming palely through the walls of canvas. Cited from The Desert Valley, by Jackson Gregory
  • And he sat down, too, rather palely, at the remote end of the divan. Cited from The Vertical City, by Fannie Hurst
  • The next morning, when the two children skulked palely into the dining-room, they were still frightened. Cited from The Iron Woman, by Margaret Deland
  • Her radiance was too weak to make the ground near them bright, but afar-off the sky became palely white. Cited from Japanese Literature, by Various
  • But a few gleams of light still seemed palely prowling in the office when I entered. Cited from Atlantida, by Pierre Benoit
  • But through his window there the eastern skies Fall palely fair to the dim ocean's end. Cited from Poems, by Alan Seeger
  • Through my roof of hurdles a star or two shone down palely. Cited from Sir John Constantine, by Prosper Paleologus Constantine
  • Hans bent over the poor little white figure glimmering palely in the darkness. Cited from Otto of the Silver Hand, by Howard Pyle
  • It was long, and palely lighted, while the mouth crossed the lower half like a gash of fire. Cited from A Voyage to Arcturus, by David Lindsay
  • The old woman and the little girl lifted their heads, threw them back, and looked up long into the sky, purely, palely high above them. Cited from The Brimming Cup, by Dorothy Canfield Fisher
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How palely gets used

Meaning of palely

  • adverb In a pale manner; without physical or emotional color
    his wife, always palely appealing