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  • The two are the only father-son pair to have held the office.
  • They are the only father-son pair to have held that office.
  • This causes three of a kind to be more common than two pair.
  • There it split into a one-way pair on two two-way roads.
  • Any complex number, say, can be expressed using a pair of real numbers.
  • As a result, the pair appear in various other later works.
  • The pair would often play live together as each other's guest.
  • In particular, the length of each base pair is the same.
  • The pair lived together as a couple for a few months.
  • The audience is led to believe that the pair has no knowledge of how they got there.
  • One pair moves a double toward one wall, the other toward the other wall.
  • The pair will meet and mate multiple times over the course of several days.
  • These birds need about per pair so they can find enough food to feed their young and themselves.
  • Most should be kept as pairs or small groups where all individuals are added at once.
  • The road becomes a one-way pair as it enters a historic district.
  • Each image in a pair was taken two weeks apart.
  • In this sense a feature structure is a list of key-value pairs.
  • But if two pair ranks above three of a kind, the two pair will become more common.
  • The pair get along well, despite her rather unusual appearance.
  • In addition to games between individual players, pairs may also play table tennis.
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Meaning of pair

  • noun A set of two similar things considered as a unit
  • noun Two people considered as a unit
  • noun A poker hand with 2 cards of the same value
  • verb Form a pair or pairs
    The two old friends paired off
  • verb Occur in pairs
  • verb Arrange in pairs
    Pair these numbers