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  • The game has been praised for its beautiful painterly art style.
  • He would also apply painterly techniques to his glass-making, feeding the two media back and forth.
  • His painterly covers quickly established him as a major talent.
  • Generally speaking, his plein-air works are more painterly, less finished, than his more formal compositions.
  • The film sought to achieve a "painterly" effect in its interpretation of the original work.
  • In both cases he produced a range of sea or landscapes, often experimenting with painterly effects.
  • His affection for painting can be seen in the painterly style of his haiku.
  • His new style was said to be "painterly" and their new album was nearing completion.
  • While containing some specific information, the sketch indicates more a painterly composition than a design document.
  • Heavy dark outlines and painterly brushwork characterized both his commercial and public works.
  • Many of his photographic and painterly works flow into his functional graphic design.
  • She specializes in portraiture and uses painterly effects that are drawn using computer technology.
  • First among these is the painterly heritage of the Dutch.
  • His painterly technique was highly original, the images shockingly beautiful - an important new visual artist burst upon the scene.
  • With these works, he breaks from a number of painterly traditions.
  • But if the painterly means may be understood, the subjects themselves remain fascinating for their ambiguity.
  • The paintings have changed, no longer using acrylic, and returning to oil paint and a more painterly surface.
  • Her projects evolve into collages, rising above their original painterly basis.
  • Towards the end of his career he also designed windows in a more painterly and less Gothic manner to suit changing tastes.
  • The colour often varies as the flower ages, further adding to a painterly effect.
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