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  • If the player is running low on health, painkillers are available throughout each stage.
  • If the player is running low on health, painkillers are available throughout each scene.
  • Painkillers can be found throughout if the player's health is low.
  • It has been reported that in the months leading up to her death, Martin refused to take strong painkillers.
  • His wife pleaded with him to sit out some games, but he took painkillers and kept playing.
  • All that led to his decision to play despite injury while heavily medicated on painkillers.
  • While he attempted to regulate his use of painkillers, he was never able to stop their use for more than five weeks.
  • He was given painkillers and a splint was placed on his left arm.
  • He was unable to take painkillers due to the possibility of failing his drug test.
  • Go on, watch it but do carry a bottle of painkillers with you.
  • The man took him to a doctor who prescribed him painkillers.
  • I went to the hospital where they prescribed painkillers and wanted to keep me overnight.
  • His father said that steroids and painkillers also contributed to his death.
  • However the doctor is only able to give painkillers, confirming that there is nothing else that can be done.
  • In his autobiography, he stated that he took many painkillers as well as other narcotics while playing professional football.
  • Swan rushed his nine-month recovery period down to seven months and was playing and living on painkillers.
  • He was provided with only a limited supply of painkillers, since their risks were not well understood at the time.
  • Should players take damage, painkillers can be used to regenerate health.
  • In the interview, the actor claimed he was much better after a fifth back operation, and that he had yet to use painkillers again.
  • The driver was arrested and officers said he was under the influence of prescription painkillers.
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Root form of painkillers is painkiller for the noun.