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  • At last he got to his feet and padded around the table. Cited from Then I'll Come Back to You, by Larry Evans
  • He again tried to escape through a window but was caught and placed in a padded cell.
  • Jack didn't sit on a padded chair and talk about law and order. Cited from The Sheriff's Son, by William MacLeod Raine
  • It was a padded board a dozen feet long and half as wide. Cited from Tarrano the Conqueror, by Raymond King Cummings
  • Place it on a heavily-padded board and press on the wrong side. Cited from Make Your Own Hats, by Gene Allen Martin
  • The Americans padded their lead to twenty at the start of the third quarter.
  • These padded seats are the most popular area of the ground with younger fans and families.
  • To prevent this, the first bit of the padded constant data must be changed.
  • They cannot hear it coming with its soft, padded feet. Cited from Chambers's Elementary Science Readers, Book I, by Various
  • The heavily-padded warrior must cross the golden path without falling at any point.
  • He padded silently along beside her and presently she heard him laugh to himself. Cited from The Spinners, by Eden Phillpotts
  • In other cases, each field may have a fixed length; short values may be padded with space characters.
  • If the actor playing the role is not naturally fat then he is padded out to make him seem so.
  • It took seven years to get an official agreement to add a padded beam.
  • At any rate, it was just the opposite of small, so much so that it had to be padded. Cited from Parisian Points of View, by Ludovic Hale'vy
  • Nina sat silent on the padded arm of her chair, looking up at her brother. Cited from The Younger Set, by Robert W. Chambers
  • Their bodies were padded so that they did not look too slim.
  • Jean sat down slowly in the padded Venetian chair before her writing table. Cited from The Angel of Terror, by Edgar Wallace
  • The length of time patients were kept in a padded cell would vary greatly.
  • They are played by one to four musicians, each using two padded sticks to strike them.
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Root form of padded is pad for the verb.

Synonyms of padded

Meaning of padded

  • verb Line or stuff with soft material
    pad a bra
  • verb Add padding to
    pad the seat of the chair