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  • He was the first player the Pacers organization signed when they were formed.
  • Pacers reportedly covered the one-mile tracks in a little more than two minutes.
  • In the first half, the Pacers would lead by as many as twelve points.
  • A small group of semi-professional pacers travels around Europe for the winter six-day season.
  • With three minutes remaining and the Pacers down five, it looked as if their season would come to an end.
  • He did not start at quarterback for the Pacers until his senior season.
  • The trial was considered enough of a success for all Pacers to be so converted in due course.
  • The Pacers had seven days to match the offer, and they chose not to.
  • Pacers has now won the first place in its section, followed up by Miami Heat.
  • He participated in training camp with the Pacers, but never played for them in an actual game.
  • It began in October and ended with a loss against the Pacers in April.
  • That was his only defeat in eight mobile barrier start races against pacers.
  • False Step's performances showed he was one of the greatest pacers in the world.
  • Early races were run behind pacers, as were many competitions of the era.
  • He played two seasons with the Pacers, which included one playoff appearance.
  • One year later, Niatross set an all-age world record for pacers on a half-mile track.
  • The series is for two, three and four-year-old pacers and trotters.
  • Four years later, the Pacers finished with the worst record in the Eastern Conference.
  • The move would pay off as the Pacers won their first division title since joining the NBA.
  • The following year, the organisation therefore decided to allow help only from pacers on bicycles.
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Root form of pacers is pacer for the noun.

Meaning of Pacers

  • noun A horse used to set the pace in racing
  • noun A horse trained to a special gait in which both feet on one side leave the ground together