own composition

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  • Although he never heard his own composition performed, his children had the opportunity years following his death.
  • The college has its own rock band that plays its own compositions.
  • He was involved in film, radio and television including some of his own compositions.
  • During these times she was beginning to complete her own compositions.
  • Thus then, the stock-pieces of this theatre are all of them of his own composition. Cited from Paris As It Was and As It Is,by Francis W. Blagdon
  • For the film he performed his own compositions including one named after his daughter, Ever.
  • The following popular songs from his pen are published with music of his own composition. Cited from The Modern Scottish Minstrel, Volume V., by Various
  • Also during this time, she was given the opportunity to record many of her own compositions.
  • He had a style of his own, and was most successful in playing his own compositions. Cited from Famous Violinists of To-day and Yesterday, by Henry C. Lahee
  • Had I helped her at all in her own composition? Cited from Confessions of Boyhood, by John Albee
  • They sing both regular sacred music and songs of their own composition.
  • I have tried to find new technical ways and means of expression in my own compositions. Cited from Violin Mastery, by Frederick H. Martens
  • Recently he has turned his attention to his own compositions.
  • Many of his songs were sung to music of his own composition. Cited from Letters and Journals, Vol. 2, by Lord Byron
  • He has not only written for his own compositions but for other music directors as well.
  • Throughout his career, he participated in several recordings that included his own compositions.
  • The idea behind this album concept was to feature different musicians within his own compositions.
  • During this time he also performed there his own compositions.
  • He would later incorporate some elements of such music in his own compositions.
  • They started performing various songs, including their own compositions mainly in English from a young age.
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