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  • See the overview chart at the top of the page for recent numbers.
  • The station listing below provides an overview of what the line looked like.
  • This is in a section of the article giving a general overview of the game.
  • These basic courses are intended to provide an overview of the broad study of law.
  • They give an overview of their theme without becoming difficult.
  • The table below gives an overview of when seat belt legislation was first introduced in different countries.
  • It includes a historical overview of the American civil rights movement.
  • The castle on the location gives an overview over the river.
  • To give an overview of the large variety of styles produced, the following table contains the twenty most common.
  • This page gives an overview of well-known players of the game of Go throughout the ages.
  • Many of their books are memoirs and historical overviews of specific military events.
  • An example of this again appears in the Overview section above.
  • It can give a general overview of marriage in an area, but it does not take people who cannot marry into account.
  • This section gives a high level overview of the activities.
  • Despite this mistake, he has the best overview on the subject concerning details of material used.
  • Overview of selection forces working on individuals during their life-cycle.
  • An overview map helps the player keep track of progress when changing level.
  • Schemes of work can be shared with students so that they have an overview of their course.
  • A detailed overview of each game can be found in their corresponding articles.
  • The following is a brief overview of some of the main research ideas that current approaches are based upon.
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Meaning of overview

  • noun A general summary of a subject
    the treasurer gave a brief overview of the financial consequences