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  • I went home that night and worked on the overviews until the next day.
  • See the main overview chart at the top for numbers and more information.
  • The following overview shows the population figures based on the situation at the time.
  • The list below gives an overview of the situation in different parts of the world.
  • This article gives of overview of each program and describes how they work together.
  • This is not a complete list, rather an overview of the larger or more significant events.
  • An overview of the club can be found on its main page.
  • This list is an overview of numerous all-female bands that have their own articles.
  • This is a very technical stage and a simple overview is presented here.
  • While few algorithms will use all of these they give a good overview of the general field.
  • Before and after pictures are shown with an overview of the major features of the new garden.
  • The following list is an overview of some of the most notable stores.
  • Study material, overviews of certain topics and older works are often found as books.
  • The application manager also provides an overview of everything currently installed on the system.
  • The following table shows an overview of the main methods used.
  • See here for a brief overview of the early days of Future Culture.
  • The station listing below provides an overview of what the whole line looked like.
  • Many different theories have been suggested, below is a short overview of the most common.
  • Here we are going to provide an overview rather than a detailed account of these instruments.
  • The table below provides an overview of the current composition of the order.
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Meaning of overview

  • noun A general summary of a subject
    the treasurer gave a brief overview of the financial consequences