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  • Any overt military presence might stop the force behind the tour from showing its hand.
  • The album contained only two tracks and displayed more overt influence from progressive rock.
  • Following this event there was no overt hostility between the two powers for many years.
  • Covert action programs are also much less expensive than overt political or military actions.
  • It might, in fact, be considered the first overt lesbian coming out novel.
  • However, these are only the most overt examples of the use of this scale in jazz.
  • Over this period there was a movement from training and supply missions of overt combat.
  • Such animals often show no overt sign of pain, they do not cry out or howl.
  • The band had no overt interest in politics nor in the religious beliefs of the people who made up their audience.
  • Pressure of family to follow in the footsteps of his father, while not overt, proved too great.
  • Overt actions that would require such decisions remain relatively rare for the small group at this point, however.
  • There is also access to overt body armour in every vehicle as required.
  • Notice that in all of these the overt subject has no referential reading.
  • All were showing overt support for no return to violence.
  • However, there is very little overt support for this hypothesis in the primary sources.
  • The political only shows as political when either an overt or tacit comparison is being made.
  • It allowed Obama's people to express the connection without being too overt.
  • The selected text is not also put into clipboard until an overt cut or copy action takes place.
  • Jackson's official cabinet members were opposed to an overt attack on the Bank.
  • This may have seemed less overt, but probably exposed her to more viewers than if a standard press conference had been held.
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Meaning of overt

  • adjective Open and observable; not secret or hidden
    an overt lie, overt hostility, overt intelligence gathering, open ballots