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  • He comes very near overshadowing the other characters too much, as it is. Cited from Shakespeare: His Life, Art, And Characters, Volume I, by H. N. Hudson
  • These eastern powers soon began to be overshadowed by those further west.
  • We will walk together there, and his great white wings will overshadow me. Cited from Dreams, by Olive Schreiner
  • We didn't want a song like that to overshadow what we are about.
  • Many critics felt that the special effects overshadowed other elements of the film.
  • However, the interest of the state has continued to overshadow the interest of the people.
  • They spar about whether his love for his dead wife will overshadow her.
  • The success of the latter will overshadow the group's own success.
  • The regular season success was all overshadowed by what took place during the playoffs.
  • A great presence seemed near, overshadowing her, and giving her a new strength and courage. Cited from The King's Arrow, by H. A. Cody
  • According to this principle no state ought to become so strong as to overshadow the rest. Cited from Early European History, By Hutton Webster
  • Although his playing ability in football is often overshadowed by his wild lifestyle.
  • What part now remains in our description of the once all-powerful and all-overshadowing consciousness? Cited from Dream Psychology, by Sigmund Freud
  • What was needed for him who, overshadowing others, stood at the head of that movement from east to west? Cited from War and Peace, by by Leo Tolstoy/Tolstoi
  • This performance did include his band, but they were all but overshadowed by an orchestra.
  • But the time was fast approaching when a new interest should come into his life and overshadow all others. Cited from Stories from Life, Orison Swett Marden
  • There never has been an era in modern chess during which one player has so overshadowed all others.
  • In times like our own economic interests frequently overshadow cultural interests. Cited from Society, by Henry Kalloch Rowe
  • Now that interest grew vast and overshadowing as the children approached the house. Cited from Georgina of the Rainbows,by Annie Fellows Johnston
  • They are coached on how to produce a group shot without overshadowing one another.
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Meaning of overshadow

  • verb Be greater in significance than
    the tragedy overshadowed the couple's happiness
  • verb Cast a shadow upon
    The tall tree overshadowed the house