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  • Three hours later, the second defense line was overrun in several places.
  • It often under- or overran as cast and crew worked through material as they saw fit.
  • According to one analysis, nine out of ten urban rail projects experience cost overrun.
  • When the men saw their leader make this desperate attack they followed him and overran the position.
  • The German forces succeeded in overrunning several artillery positions before being forced back.
  • He hopes to escape from women, but soon finds the island overrun by them.
  • India she overran by the same methods as had given her Ireland. Cited from The Crime Against Europe, by Roger Casement
  • As work continued on other structures planned for the complex, so did the cost overruns.
  • There were large cost overruns during the initial development of the system.
  • Additional clear space around the court is required in order for players to reach overrun balls.
  • The city has been overrun on various occasions by both sides.
  • The episode overran by several minutes, and had to be cut down.
  • The episode overran by three minutes, and had to be cut down.
  • On the latter date he moved north along the coast, meeting at first no resistance and easily overrunning the country. Cited from Great Britain and the American Civil War, by Ephraim Douglass Adams
  • However, only six months after opening, the complex ran into financial troubles due to construction cost overruns.
  • They turned and looked out over the little valley, and to them it seemed a golden cup overrunning with joy. Cited from Heart's Desire, by Emerson Hough
  • To date it has had limited success and been a source of controversy and cost overruns.
  • Large cost overruns probably caused it to be left out.
  • Each overrun has the capacity to stable a further two trains each.
  • However the episode overran and the opener turned into a three-part story.
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Meaning of overrun

  • verb Seize the position of and defeat
    the Crusaders overran much of the Holy Land
  • verb Run beyond or past
    The plane overran the runway