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  • She has been to a hotel overnight to allow herself time to think.
  • All seemed to be set fair and then the situation changed almost overnight.
  • Due to its success, the movie industry converted entirely to sound almost overnight.
  • While most students were released after being treated, nine were kept overnight.
  • Inside the forests there are special buildings where staff and students can stay overnight.
  • The large flowers open in the late afternoon and remain open overnight.
  • He described this situation as being "an overnight success after seven years."
  • Office cleaning often takes place after hours or later in the evening or even overnight.
  • This concert brought the young man overnight fame in the whole German-speaking world.
  • He worked so intensely to finish doing so overnight that his hair turned completely white.
  • The girls are then invited to sleep in the practice hall overnight.
  • His father's hair turned grey overnight when he heard of the assassination.
  • Young Joseph was able to stay overnight with his father in prison on several occasions.
  • The time can range from a few minutes to overnight.
  • I left it at one place overnight and when I came back to get it the next morning it was gone.
  • Formations are usually created overnight, although some are reported to have appeared during the day.
  • If a relative or friend came to stay overnight, it was reported.
  • In conventional non high-speed rail, overnight trains are common for this distance.
  • Any business in the county seat required an all-day trip and sometimes an overnight stay on the part of many citizens.
  • The ship also has overnight facilities for youth groups.
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Synonyms of overnight

Meaning of overnight

  • adverb During or for the length of one night
    the fish marinates overnight
  • adverb Happening in a short time or with great speed
    these solutions cannot be found overnight!