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  • He also failed to take in good advice and overly estimated himself.
  • Care must especially be taken when being handled by small children as they may be overly rough.
  • These were people and I wasn't overly concerned with what they thought.
  • Most video game critics felt that the game seemed underdeveloped and overly difficult.
  • They rarely or never become overly involved with one partner and often have more than one partner at a time.
  • In other words, we removed overly long scenes which had no significance.
  • Despite this, the village was not overly rich, being largely based on a farming community.
  • While the celesta is not overly common in popular music, it has been used now and again.
  • Although the car received generally positive reviews, it was not overly successful in the United States.
  • Cards in later sets had effects and power values which would have been considered overly powerful in the beginning.
  • Thus, there will be an overly large class sizes and high average number of students per teacher in a school.
  • A male teacher should take heed that he does not become overly familiar with the girls.
  • The developers admitted that as a result, the final game may have been overly complex.
  • They usually carry short swords in their overly long arms.
  • The arrangement has been found to be overly simplified by more recent research.
  • Critics of this idea often say this approach is overly broad in scope.
  • The heart attack was not considered to be overly serious.
  • Other artifacts from the Stone Age have also been found, although these are not overly numerous.
  • On those occasions when partner has opened light, this may result in an overly ambitious contract, despite the good support.
  • At the same time, he must avoid becoming overly friendly and losing control of the interrogation.
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