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  • The village green is overlooked by the former school, now a private house.
  • His technical know-how is often how he gets attention from those who would usually overlook him.
  • It has a small castle which overlooks the river and the village church.
  • There were of overlook property that was initially built during the construction project.
  • One should also not overlook the fact that part of the competition is no longer there.
  • Early child care is a very important and often overlooked component of child development.
  • They drive to a nearby hill overlooking town to make out.
  • Saint Mary's church and primary school on the hill overlook the village.
  • His efforts have been largely overlooked by later writers until now.
  • He also began the building of the Royal Castle on the hill overlooking the town.
  • At the back they typically overlook a large square open space.
  • This church is located on the north hill overlooking the town.
  • However, in some places it is overlooked in order to keep the flow of business.
  • They recorded few songs, however, so are overlooked by many scholars of Western music.
  • Its small size and dark color makes it easy to overlook.
  • Overlooking the city centre is the school's tower, which is used as a staff office.
  • He was buried on this block, high on the hill overlooking the town.
  • Also at this time, the bridge overlook area and trail to the upper park were created.
  • This school was built on a spot of land overlooking the Bear River.
  • There is evidence of an iron age settlement on the hill that overlooks the town.
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Meaning of overlook

  • noun A high place affording a good view
  • verb Look past, fail to notice
  • verb Watch over
    I am overlooking her work