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  • This might call for an extended stay behind enemy lines and overland travel of several miles.
  • He made his way north overland, against resistance from the native population.
  • He and his family were forced to make the long overland journey to Canada.
  • Overland Park has more than of park land and open space.
  • Two other groups who were travelling overland arrived several days later.
  • Overland shipping was too difficult and took too long for nearly all cargo.
  • Live ammunition was used and both over-water and overland tests were successful.
  • The first post office opened, and a stage stop was built on the Overland Trail.
  • In centuries past, it would have taken several hours to walk overland, or sail around the coast.
  • There was considerable overland trade in the area by the 19th century.
  • Some trade routes were overland, some involved navigating rivers, still others developed around port cities.
  • Overland it is connected by road and rail to the Pacific Ocean about away.
  • Several accounts of travel along the Central Overland Route have been published.
  • Although these centers were mainly accessible by river, there was also an overland trail between them.
  • They asked that he travel to the town of Matsumae, overland and without his ship.
  • While at University he took part in an overland expedition to the Middle East and India.
  • An expedition also traveled overland into the interior to western North Carolina and points west.
  • Unable to subsist his army without these supplies, Grant abandoned his overland advance.
  • Food that formerly came overland was cut off.
  • However, it would take until World War II for any improvements to be made this overland route.
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