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  • In the final stage the mountain would become mostly overgrown with forest.
  • Little of the castle remains above ground, and much of the site is overgrown.
  • The western points here are overgrown completely, but the western and southern points can be found.
  • The road heads through abandoned areas of the town which have been overgrown with trees.
  • This is the overgrown part of the world, for the trees reach over two thousand feet high.
  • The ruins still remain on the original site, however the land has become very overgrown.
  • Today the station platform still exists though it is overgrown and in very poor condition.
  • These are now overgrown and parts of them have become woods or have had houses built on them.
  • Most trails are kept clear over the summer, but some do become overgrown.
  • There are visible remains of the keep although this is now largely overgrown.
  • The main building is very overgrown but you walk along the tree covered platform and enter via the middle door.
  • The grounds were so overgrown that the house could not be seen from the road.
  • The original road is the overgrown bank on the left, not the farm track on the right.
  • The yard area is overgrown and the water tower stand is all that is visible.
  • The 1980s platform still exists, although it has become somewhat overgrown in recent years.
  • The platform remains, although overgrown, and can be seen from the adjacent road bridge.
  • Nevertheless, it still saw very little use and by the late 1950s was very overgrown.
  • The well still exists, but is located on private property and is somewhat overgrown.
  • The ruins were left and the site became overgrown over the following centuries.
  • The location closed as the war ended and today the site is overgrown with pine trees.
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Root form of overgrown is overgrow for the verb.

Synonyms of overgrown

Meaning of overgrown

  • verb Grow too large
  • verb Become overgrown
    The patio overgrew with ivy
  • verb Grow beyond or across
    The ivy overgrew the patio