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  • Thus, out of the overflowings of one great exhibition, would be found materials for another. Cited from The Caesars, by Thomas de Quincey
  • Some of these overflowings take place periodically; others are the result of what may be called accident. Cited from Another World, by Benjamin Lumley (AKA Hermes)
  • Abrupt and sudden overflowings occur in all rivers having their source in mountains. Cited from Travels in Morocco, Vol. 2., by James Richardson
  • If we have not real unhappiness, we can make it, even from the overflowings of our good fortune. Cited from Clarissa, Volume 5 (of 9), by Samuel Richardson
  • What wonder, again, if she, out of the overflowings of her happiness, should give him an alms? Cited from Little Novels of Italy, by Maurice Henry Hewlett
  • The larger question is how long before the buffer overflowings.
  • Some overflowings from such a fountain of information may therefore be permitted to springle these pages. Cited from Alarms and Discursions, by G. K. Chesterton
  • How immeasurable must be that lake whose overflowings fill such cavities as this! Cited from Mexico and its Religion, by Robert A. Wilson
  • Then the lake must in the course of ages have formed, and its overflowings have swept away all soft and loose debris. Cited from King o' the Beach, by George Manville Fenn
  • It is a very rapid river, and subject to sudden swellings and overflowings, which cause great damage to the surrounding country. Cited from The Project Gutenberg Encyclopedia Volume 1 of 28
  • These overflowings produce deep and wide chasms, with sheer slopes on either side.
  • More conduits than one to drain off the soul's overflowings. Cited from Mardi: and A Voyage Thither, Vol. II (of 2), by Herman Melville
  • Except for these overflowings they were more egoistic than ever, for their minds were filled only with the one thought, and everything was brought back to that. Cited from Jean-Christophe, Vol. I, by Romain Rolland
  • The overflowings of that cup of excitement have reached our shores. Cited from Sermons Preached at Brighton, by Frederick W. Robertson
  • There is nothing extraordinary in its present overflowings: they frequently happened of old, and did great mischief to the antient city. Cited from Travels through France & Italy, by Tobias Smollett
  • The two following Poems were overflowings of the mind in composing the one which stands first in the first Volume. Cited from Poems In Two Volumes, Vol 2, by William Wordsworth
  • Pour forth the overflowings of thy anger; and look upon every one that is proud, and abase him. Cited from A Hero and Some Other Folks, by William A. Quayle
  • We crossed over a low wet swamp, by which its overflowings are doubtless re-conveyed to the river. Cited from Expeditions into New South Wales, by John Oxley
  • The letters in reply, however, only breathed the affectionate overflowings of kind hearts. Cited from A Love Story, by A Bushman
  • We did not penetrate far inwards, but could see traces of occasional overflowings of the lake into the interior. Cited from Byeways in Palestine, by James Finn
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Root form of overflowings is overflow for the verb.

Meaning of overflowings

  • verb Flow or run over (a limit or brim)