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  • She leaked fully, generously, overflowingly, all over-- like a basket. Cited from The Mirror of the Sea, by Joseph Conrad
  • Never before had Georgina seen her so radiant, so excited, so overflowingly happy that she gave vent to her feelings as a little schoolgirl might have done. Cited from Georgina of the Rainbows,by Annie Fellows Johnston
  • The generous youth ogled aristocratic carriages, and glanced intimately at the ladies, overflowingly happy. Cited from Ordeal Richard Feverel by G. Meredith, v3
  • He was so overflowingly proud of having the prettiest girl in The Corner upon his arm and so conscious of being himself probably the finest-looking man that he escaped conceit, it might almost be said, by his very excess of it. Cited from Gunman's Reckoning, by Max Brand
  • It is overflowingly full of those sensuous images and descriptions of the Paradise, in which the imagination of the Japanese Buddhist so revels, and in it both rhetoric and mathematics run wild. Cited from The Religions of Japan, by William Elliot Griffis
  • She shrunk from the dreary plainness of truth, and longed for flattery and petting and caresses once more; and she wrote to John an overflowingly tender letter, full of longings, which brought him at once to her side, the most delighted of men. Cited from Pink and White Tyranny, by Harriet Beecher Stowe